Yoga Education

Yoga imbibed with the abundance of a metta bhavana practice

Our yoga practice offer an innovative blend of vinyasa flow to warm and prepare the body for poses that are held dynamically and restoratively using props for therapeutic support.

In addition we incorporate the warmth and wisdom of the ancient loving kindness meditation system so that we are, quite literally, flowing with love.

Developed and presently exclusively by our experienced Indian practitioners, Bhavana practice is easily modified and adapted to meet the individual needs of students at all levels of experience and skill.

Teacher Training

The Bhavana Yoga School Presents Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Programs including Exclusive Yoga Therapy Modules for Special Populations.

Join our Yoga School for a 200 hour and an advanced 300 hour teacher training program, including specialized yoga therapy modules, free ‘supergreens’, for teachers seeking to deepen their skills and secure Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification. Trainings are presented at hosting studios across the United States and all exceed the standards for Yoga Alliance certification. Some training program modules also offer ACE continuing education credits.

Designed for teachers in studios, fitness and athletic facilities, our training programs draw from the evolution of 5,000-year-old science of life traditions and current methods to develop, support and promote yoga teaching skills regardless of the style of practice. For those already teaching, the training programs strengthen their ability to integrate proven mind-body principles and advance their teaching to serve special populations interested in improved athletic performance, mobility, balance and stress management.

“Everyone comes to yoga to improve something about their body, mind or general well being,” shares Raj Desai, our senior teacher. “Rather than simply lead a yoga class, our comprehensive inside-out approach provides teachers with the essential tools to teach yoga that truly inspires their students. Our purpose is to build a community of teachers who teach with an open heart and a skilled touch, teachers willing to produce profound life changing results in themselves and their students. And, most importantly, to have fun in the process.”

Raj Desai, born in Varanasi, has been training both beginning and advanced yoga teachers for 35 years. His comprehensive approach and eclectic blend of yoga was forged over 30 years of extensive practice and study with teachers such as Krishnamacharya, T.K.V Desikachar and Krishnamurti. Before committing to training teachers full time, Raj spent many years in a remote Himalayan ashram, sitting in silence much of the time as well as committing several hours per day to arduous asana practice.

For more information on the Raj Desai teacher training programs, special yoga therapy modules, schedules, community forums and articles email

Ayurvedic Yoga Support Products

We are an official reseller for Nano Minerals products, which are an amazing way to nourish your vitality as a support to deeper yoga.

Also Raj is a huge advocate of the phytoplankton powder by Plankton for Health. Promotes doshic balance, harmonises prana, encourages a sattvic mind.